British Gas Telephone Contact Number

When fitting office ceilings we often get asked for recommendations regarding utility suppliers, considering the electrical wiring is usually done at the same time. We always recommend British Gas as the electricity & gas supplier of choice for home and business customers, owing to their affordability, reliability and expertise in the whole installation process - something we're heavily involved in with most of our clients.

If you'd like to contact British Gas to find out more about why they're the UK's most popular Electricity supplier in 2015 - a title they've held since being founded in the '80s - phone them on the British Gas customer service contact number.

If you have any trouble with British Gas, firstly we'd be surprised, and secondly we'd like to offer some alternative recommendations. First Utility is a humble new supplier, not one of the Big Six UK energy suppliers, but pride themselves on under-cutting British Gas - contact First Utility to see what they can offer.